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Youth Ki Awaaz..

Youth ki Awaaz : Mouthpiece for the youth”

It is a novel and an outstanding platform for youth of the Indian subcontinent, and aims at engineering the society through its rich and outstanding articles. It serves as an online platform for the people who are passionate to remove the social malaise, and work toward the change, or actually asks you for…

Be the Change!

I have recently become the Correspondent/Intern at Youth ki Awaaz, a nice opportunity for me to collaborate with thoughtful people with the attitude to serve the world.


Hello world!

Today, I am beginning yet another blog. I am not an expert at writing or journalism; simply I’ve started out this blog to put my feelings, thoughts, ideas and emotions… at one place, and present it to myself and to others.

I have no intention to be an expert blogger, although I’d love blogging, as this is one of my interests. I have had 2 blogs, and I would rather not disclose them….; they continued for the long time, though. I shall not be able to blog from February till May, due to exams, but I try to do my best to present the ideas….as much as I can.

I have had always been thoughtful for Social entrepreneurship, the Change… to the society, in the society… and actually in the societies all over the world. I hope this blog will also act as an Experience-Diary, where I could collect my findings, various experience about the life, about the things that I come across.